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Terms & Conditions
Whether your dog is staying with us for one week or six weeks, we want to make sure the experience is enjoyable for all concerned. If your dog has any behavioural or medical issues, we need to know before they come to stay with us. We also require an emergency contact name and number for the duration of their stay.
For new dogs we require a short assesment visit prior to their stay.

Pickup & Collection
Pick-up and drop-off hours are by prior arrangement and flexible. We can also pick up and drop off in Hamilton for a fee.  If you are held up in any way, please just phone and we can rearrange times.
Payment can be made in advance to our bank account, or in cash on arrival.

What to bring with your dog
If possible please bring your dog's bed, and any items that you feel will help your dog to settle in, for example toys, blanket, and lead.
Your dog must be registered and be wearing a suitable collar with the current registration tag or disc attached.
Vaccination certificates are also required. If you wish, you may also bring your dog's own food.

You must let us know if your dog has a history of any behavioral problems i.e. food aggression, snapping or biting, running off, dog fights, digging under fences etc. No matter how trivial you think it may be, you must let us know as it will assist us in the daily care of your dog.  It is important that we are told before any incident arises.

Health Issues
You must tell us at the time of booking of any health issues your dog has. If there is any risk of cross infection, we will require a vet’s certificate confirming your pet is able to be boarded with us.

Medical History
It is your responsibility to furnish all relevant medical history every time you make a booking with us. In the event that your dog should fall ill during boarding we reserve the right to call in a veterinary surgeon. All call out charges and other transport costs will be borne by the owner. If your pet is on medication it must be supplied with full instructions as to its use. Whilst every care and attention is given to each dog boarded and in our care we cannot be held responsible for loss of life or illness from whatever cause.

All vaccinations must be up to date and be valid for the length of stay. No dog will be accepted without a current certificate for DHP Distemper Hepatitis Parvovirus, to be done no less than a week before boarding, Leptospirosis, to be done no less than a week before boarding and Kennel Cough Complex, to be done no less than 3 days before boarding. Your dog's flea and worm treatments must also be up to date.

Damage & Destruction
While your dog is in our care you are fully responsible for any damage your dog might cause. This includes any harm your dog might cause to another animal or human. It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is fully insured.

No dogs will be accepted into our care without a contact name and telephone number. We will also require your vet's name, address and contact number.

Right of Entry
Hugo's Place reserves the right to refuse entry at our discretion. Entry will be refused to any dog if it is considered to be in an unfit condition for boarding (physically or behaviourally).

Contact us

We can be contacted by the following ways:

PO Box 10200
Te Rapa

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at all  - we will endeavor to help where ever possible.

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